Dividend Income – October 2015

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My best month yet!  This is also the first live dividend update on the site, so if I do any shifting around during the month I can report what I did, although there won’t be too much of that.  This month I received a dividend payout from 4 companies, and will expect more in November, and especially December.  Free money for doing nothing is never a bad thing!  I will use this money for my first purchase in November.  So here’s what I’ve got:

Dividends Received:

IJR: $36.50

ITOT: $45.62

KO: $17.16

TD: $19.52

Total: $118.80

YTD Total: 297.00

I have recently re-distributed my ITOT position into several dividend stocks, so this is the last time we’ll see it here.  Again, now that I’m somewhat diversified in my holdings, I’ll be posting these quick articles every month.  I hope you start to see how all this can snowball into a real income after a few years of hard work.  I obviously can’t live off $119, but I can sure pay a couple of my bills with it!

Hope everyone had a good October!  

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