Dividend Income – December 2015

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Another month down.  I mentioned in the last write up that sometimes it takes a few months for your new investments to kick in and start getting the dividends regularly.  At times when we buy new things, we just miss the ownership dates (called an ex-dividend date) so we have to wait a full quarter for the payments.  Anyway, this month my payments really took off from all the investing I did in October and November.  I also was able to invest a lot in December to close the year out strong. I received payments from a large amount of my portfolio (December is usually a big payout month).  Pretty exciting stuff for nerds like me who check my balance daily.  So here's what I've got:


Dividends Received:

Conoco Phillips (COP): $22.20

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): $16.50

Chevron (CVX): $54.57

Emerson Electric Company (EMR): $19.00

International Business Machines (IBM): $26.00

Coca Cola (KO): $17.16

Helmerich & Payne, Inc. (HP): $26.13

Target (TGT): $14.00

3M Co (MMM): $2.05

Home Depot (HD): $3.54

Kohls (KSS): $8.10

Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC): $5.83

Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN): $1.93

LTC Properties Inc (LTC): $0.366

iShares - Fidelity Small Cap (IJR): $57.83


Month Total: $275.20

YTD Total: $663.00

This was definitely a bigger month than I expected, but it is not what I will consistently reach going forward (until I add more capital).  A lot of companies pay out on the March, June, September, December schedule, so its expected that you'll see an uptick in those months vs the others.  That being said, it was great getting this much.  Sometimes when you are living a frugal lifestyle and choose to invest every dollar you have available, the payoff takes a little while to develop.  I'm happy to realize that from this point forward, given I don't sell any of my investments, I should never see lower than around $500 per quarter (conservative estimate) from dividends.  That's $500 I can count on for the rest of my life, which is no small feat.  Investing aggressively in 2016 will further improve upon that number.  

This month closes out my first (partial) year of dividend investing with $663 earned (+ the increased value in my portfolio).  I've been investing for years now, but never really had a good set of goals or a plan to execute until 2015.  For that reason, it's been a very important and exciting year for me.  I now can easily set goals for 2016 and onward, and be able to see myself getting closer in every month.  

I hope everyone had a good 2015, and has mapped out a plan for 2016 with regards to saving/investing.


You can see my full income summary here.


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