Dividend Income – January 2016

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Another month down.  I received dividends from 7 different companies this month.  I continue to see the progress building nicely.  So here's what I've got:


Dividends Received:

Toronto Dominion Bank (TD): $15.68

WalMart (WMT): $10.78

Macy's (M): $3.96

Phillip Morris (PM): $13.26

Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC): $12.58

Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN): $4.14

LTC Properties Inc (LTC): $3.24

Disney (DIS): $13.49


Month Total: $77

YTD Total: $77

Not quite the same as my last month where I received $275 for the month, but my holdings seem to favor the March, June, September, and December schedule pretty heavily (which is a common thing within dividend investors).  Still, $77 is a nice "off" month.  I recently built out a schedule of when my holdings pay out their dividends, and I'm getting closer to being over $100 every single month, which is a good first or second (or third or fourth) milestone when just starting out.  Once I achieve this it's onto the next milestone of $200 per month, which would cover all of my grocery trips each month!  If you are interested in setting up some small goals, I wrote about doing so here.

I've continued to pour more money into the market this month, and after the recent dip I seem to think I got some good prices on what I purchased.  My income should continue to increase at a fairly steady rate in the next couple of months.  As always, I'm putting this money right back into the market by re-investing.  


Happy 2016!

You can see my full income summary here.


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