Dividend Income – February 2016

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Another month down.  I received dividends from 12 different companies this month.  I continue to see the progress building as I live frugally and pour more money into the market.  So here's what I've got:


Dividends Received:


Proctor & Gamble (PG): $29.16

Caterpillar (CAT): $27.72

General Mills (GIS): $3.96

CVS (CVS): $4.25

Apple (AAPL): $4.68

Cal Maine Foods (CALM): $19.53

Kinder Morgan (KMI): $9.50 (Price starting to go back up!)

Omega Health (OHI): $25.65

HCP, Inc (HCP): $20.70

Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC): $12.58

Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN): $4.14

LTC Properties Inc (LTC): $3.24


Month Total: $168

YTD Total: $245


Another good dividend and investing month in February.  $168 isn't too shabby.  The dividend snowball will continue to keep building as I re-invest these back into the market.  Along with the rest of the dividend community, I'm anticipating a big March as that is when most companies pay out their dividend.  Should be significantly higher than this month.


Thank you for reading.


You can see my full income summary here.


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