Dividend Income – May 2016

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Hi Everyone,

Progress keeps rolling on.  Due to some recent home repair bills, I haven't gotten a chance to invest this month as much as I normally would.  The good thing about that? Dividends still keep coming in from what I invested already! As I keep saying, 1 month of "sacrifice"/savings can equal a lifetime supply of small payments.  It feels good to keep reaping the rewards.  So here's what I've got for May.  I've decided that I'll start making quick notes where I see fit on each of these payouts.


Dividends Received:

General Mills (GIS): $4.14 - Slow and steady dividend payer, not very exciting and probably not a lot of growth. Can't see myself adding to position but also little point in selling it off if they are going to continue their payments.

CVS (CVS): $6.80 - my favorite "low yield" stock.  CVS recently acquired all of Target's pharmacy locations, so I see some good growth.  Also, the sub 2% yield won't last long as they have raised dividends an average of 24% (!) annually over the last 10 years.

Greenbriar Companies (GBX): $2.00 - railcar stock. I probably won't be adding to this, as I like TRN a bit better for growth and dividend stability.

Banco Santander (SAN): $2.87 - international bank.  I have a very small position and won't add anymore until I evaluate further.  I wanted to add some more international stocks in the coming months/year.

Apple (AAPL): $5.13 - never a huge fan of Apple products, but at a fairly low price with ALL THAT CASH in the bank, they certainly have flexibility to raise dividends and expand business into new sectors in the coming years.

Cal Maine Foods (CALM): $26.90 - my favorite "risk" stock.  Largest U.S. egg manufacturer when cage-free eggs seem to be the new craze.  Already a nice EPS and dividend yield.  Could see some growth in price as well but currently only a 2 billion dollar company so it comes with obvious risk.

Procter & Gamble (PG): $29.46 - not a fan of their recent 1% dividend increase.  Seems a little silly to raise it just to keep the streak alive.  Falling out of favor with me, recently trimed my position down a little but will always keep some shares.  Dividend payment has been too consistent (even if its not increasing) to give up completely on them.

Kinder Morgan (KMI): $10.38 - hanging onto this forever as its my biggest loser.  Stabilized in recent months after a huge decline.  Still pay a reasonable dividend and I won't sell at a huge loss.

Omega Healthcare (OHI): $31.32 - real estate fund.  High dividend at 7%, but feel less confident about creating a large position due to the nature of REITs.  I have seen several blogs who just have huge positions in OHI and HCP to quickly increase their dividend income.  I get it, but I won't be doing that.

Caterpillar (CAT): $27.72 - saw this stock take a tumble and recently come back to around my cost basis.  Kept paying the dividend in between.  Probably won't add much to it, but a nice, stable stock for my portfolio.

HCP, Inc (HCP): $32.20 - the other real estate fund.  Again, nice dividend at around 7%.  I basically have gotten little to no price growth aside from the dividend.

Independence Realty (IRT): $1.86 - small chunk of a real estate fund.  Monthly payer, which is interesting, definitely more of a risk than HCP and OHI so it's a small position.

JMP Group Inc (JMP): $1.17 - banking industry.  Again, small chunk for a risky stock.  Monthly payer. 

LTC Properties Inc (LTC): $4.32 - real estate fund, and a monthly payer as well.  Has done pretty well over the past year for me.  I prefer this one over the current prices of everyone's favorite monthly stock - O.

Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN): $5.94 - monthly payer, high yield.  Haven't seen much price movement but nice to get the $6 monthly.

Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC): $8.33 - monthly payer, high yield. Many people bought PSEC at higher prices than me (my cost basis is around $7), so plenty of people hate this stock.  I'll enjoy the $8 a month that will (hopefully) continue, but certainly wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.


Month Total: $201

YTD Total: $988



We're just under $1,000 of dividends after 5 months, which is definitely something to be proud of.  June figures to be a big month for my portfolio, as I'm expecting payments from a lot more companies.  With new capital, I will most likely be re-investing in the companies that I currently own.


Thank you for reading!


You can see my full income summary here.


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