Recent Buy/Sell Activity – Week of December 26th

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Sells for this week:

IJR: Sold 9 shares @ 139.15 ($1,252)

My first investment ever was IJR – which is a small cap index fund. The decision was based on one of the first investment books I read back in 2012 was Jason Kelly’s “The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing”. I’ve been running his “3% signal plan” on IJR since Jan 1, 2014. To give a quick outline of what the plan entails, the idea is to pick an index fund with some volatility and to grow your investment 3% per quarter through buying and selling. If your stock gains more than 3% in a quarter, you sell shares to get to 3%, and if it fails to get 3% you buy more shares to get to that point. Pretty simple way to “buy low and sell high”. This quarter has been UNBELIEVABLE for IJR (up about 12%) so I’m selling a significant amount to get back down to 3% growth. In the strategy, you are technically supposed to keep your excess money in cash or bonds, but I’m covered with cash, so I’m re-deploying the capital in some stocks instead (the transaction will clear next week).  This was a great way to start investing and understanding the ups and downs of the market, so while IJR only pays a ~1.5% dividend, it’s been a great position since 2014.

Buys for this week:

RGR: 19 @ 53.68 ($1020)

Although I’m not a huge fan of investing in a gun manufacturer, I’m doing it anyway. I think this is a good price to make a small(ish) investment and hope that it returns to the previous high (of $78) while paying a nice dividend of 3.3%.  The payout ratio sits in the high 30% range so they have plenty of wiggle room if things turn for the worst.

T: 3 @ 42.75 ($128)

Adding to my T position despite the recent uptick.  Plan on holding this for the long term as the dividend yield will help with my passive income stream.  Don’t expect too much increase in price/yield, but nice to have a solid 4+% stock to pull my portfolio yield closer to 3.5%.


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