Recent Buy/Sell Activity – Week of 1/2

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Sells for this week:

F: Sold 175 @ 13.23 ($2,315)

I have discussed trimming my position in Ford for a couple of months now, and it popped 5% on Wednesday so I pulled the trigger. I still own a big chunk of shares, but figured that I should diversify money a bit better. I hold a huge stake in GM as well, so I’m cutting back on Ford and re-deploying this $2,300 elsewhere.


Quite a few buys this week as we had some extra end-of-the-year money to deploy into the market.  Since I was selling a chunk of high income stock in Ford, I leaned towards ending some higher dividend stocks this week.

WDR: 50 @ 19.96 ($998)
This is a little more of a risky position to open. WDR pays a ~9% dividend and currently can afford to keep paying it with a 80% payout ratio. The stock was in the $70 range back in 2014, and while I don’t expect it to return there, there might still be some growth to be had if they prove to be a consistent dividend payer with solid earnings.


ETR: 14 @ 73.36 ($1027)
Entergy Corporation is a utilities company that looks quite attractive at its current price. I need to add more exposure in utilities this year, and this is the first company I’m adding in 2017. They have a very high EPS number at 7.16 and their payout ratio is around 48%. They pay a healthy 4.76% dividend so this is more of an income play than a price growth play, although it’s about 12% from its 52 week high.


VFC: 36 @ 53.66 ($1932)
A lot of people in the dividend community praise VFC, and why not with their 44 consecutive years of increasing dividends? I had been hesitant to start a position until the recent price drop (it’s down about 14% in the last year). I see a safe yield of around 3.2% and a good opportunity to join the party. VF Corp includes everyday brands such as The North Face, Vans, Timberland, Nautica, and Wrangler. Seeing these common brands puts me at ease with this buy.


KMB: 17 @ 114.62 ($1949)
Very similarly to VFC, Kimberly Clark is a very common dividend investor holding. Another consumer staple, KMB owns common household brands such as Kleenex, Huggies, Kotex, Scott, and Cottonelle. It’s in a rough patch price wise, down about 22% from its 52 week high, but it doesn’t seem like much has changed in its numbers. A solid 5.5 EPS and a payout ratio of 67% seems consistent with other solid metric stocks. I’ll enjoy the 3.2% yield and given their 44 year dividend increase streak, I’ll enjoy it for a LONG time.


AFL: 6 @ 70.52 ($423)
Couldn’t decide what else to buy this week, so I figured I’d stick to one of my reliable foundation stocks. AFL keeps going up slowly with little volatility. The dividend is now down in the 2.4%, but its a worry-free company to hold.


KSS: 12 @ 41.60 ($499)
Thought I was done for the week, until Kohl’s got blasted to the tune of a 20% loss on Thursday. Although I’m not a huge fan of getting involved in the retail sector, I think this is a good value for a $500 bet. I’ll receive a ~5% dividend for this position, as well as some obvious room for the price to return to the $50 range.


The rest of the month should be pretty quiet with regards to buys/sells.  January typically isn’t a great month for collecting dividends so I won’t have much to re-invest.


Thank you for reading!

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I have been nibbling on VFC since last month. Ever since this yield went north of 3% many of our fellow peers have been buying into the name. Similarly, with KMB and other consumer staples like UL and DEO too have been popular. Thanks for sharing your activity.

Money Unbinding

I am interested in VFC. Hope to pull the trigger to get some shares next week.


I also picked up some KSS today. After a drop like that, it seemed hard to pass up. As long as the dividend remains stable, I will be happy with the purchase. Thank you for sharing.


I looked at KSS briefly when it dropped but not sure I’m at all interested in retail at this point. It seems like a hard investment unless you’re looking to make a short term profit.