Recent Buy/Sell Activity – Week of 1/16

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Sells for this week:

Happy to report I did not sell anything this week.

Buys for this week:

AFL: 3 @ 69.65 ($209)
Bought more without really thinking about it. This is a good price for one of the steadiest stocks out there. The yield is not the best (2.5%), the dividend increases are not the best (~5% per year), but it keeps going up up up without causing anyone too much stress. With a payout ratio around 30%, I’m never worried about Aflac being a long term cog in my dividend portfolio.

TGT: 8 @ 66.98 ($535)
Target lowered their guidance and paid dearly for it in the markets on Thursday. I’m buying (and averaging down) on this short term bad news as I’m optimistic that 40 consecutive years of great investment returns weren’t shattered in the last year of so-so performance. Their dividend streak is still alive and with a payout ratio of 46%, we can expect it to continue.

SO: 8 @ 49.79 ($398)
A common company to see owned in a dividend portfolio, I’m finally getting in on Southern Co. The yield is great at 4.5%, and their earnings are solid enough to continue paying it, although their ratio is on the high side (~75%). They have a solid dividend streak of 15 years. Given that I needed to add utilities, this is a good price, considering they are down about 10% from their 52 week high. More of a high yield play than a growth stock, but if they can get back to the previous high it will be a great position to own.


Anyone else pick up anything good this week? Thank you for reading!

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