MonthlyCents – February 2017

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Hi Everyone,

February is typically a slow month for us, but we still made a lot of progress towards our goals.  We continue to have great Quarter over Quarter income growth, now that we have no non-mortgage debt to deal with.  This month we took in $306.  This was enough to cover our utility bills and our cell phone bill, which was great.  We’ll look to continue growing our passive income to check off more things from our monthly expense list.  So here’s what we’ve got for February:

Dividend Income

Ticker Amount Received

Month Total $306

YTD Total $597

Quarter over Quarter Dividend Income Growth

Month Dividends % Increase  Month Dividends % Increase  Month Dividends % Increase
$237 70.5% 11/2016 $252 -1.5% 12/2016 $1096 13.7%
$291 22.2% 02/2017 $306 21.6% 03/2017

Top Performers (Price Growth)

Same companies sticking around the top over the last few months

Ticker Shares Cost Per Share Current Share Price Gain
41 $35.59 $50.99 43.2%
36 $107.00 $152.85 42.9%
128 $19.68 $27.45 39.5%

Foundation Stock Update

Target is getting demolished in the market, I keep averaging down, so we’ll see what happens in the coming months! All others are chugging along. Will be adding dividends to each position in March.

Ticker Purchase Price Current Price Price Growth Dividends Collected
$102.71 $123.86 20.6% $224.00
$59.28 $72.98 23.1% $119.53
$84.83 $96.57 13.8% $114.41
$72.61 $57.83 -20.4% $252.52
$140.49 $189.86 35.1% $109.72

Dividends for Charity Update

Learn more about Dividends for Charity hereIn year 1, I am re-investing my dividends in order to kick-start the fund.  By Year 2, it should easily be able to support my $25 monthly donation to Children International and on its way to supporting 2 monthly donations (and more!)

Pacing along well here, had a good month, and on the way to having plenty of surplus price growth to go along with the ~3.5% dividend.

Month/Year Donations Made Portfolio Dividends Portfolio Price Growth
Dec 2016
$125 $133 $537
Jan 2017
$150 $150 $441
Feb 2017
$175 $185 $773

Watch List for Next Month

I have my eye on a couple of stocks this month.  Outside of investing, our plans to add an actual rental property were somewhat delayed so I might look to pick up some REIT exposure this month (AGNC, O, LTC). Previously I had been looking to get out of REITs, but will be good to have some exposure to real estate if we’re not going to add the rental property for the foreseeable future.

Beaten Down: DIN, TGT

High Yield: AGNC, O, LTC

Growth: ALK, LUV

Slow, Steady, and Safe: ABBV, GPC, AFL, MMM, EMR, T, AWR

Lending Club Progress

Since I re-invest all my proceeds it’s hard to keep track of a return rate here.  I’m looking to simply have my interest received outpace my charge-off amount, so that’s what we’ll track here.

I have been a bit undecided on what to do with Lending Club. I have both re-invested and withdrawn money over the last month.  Charge-offs seem to come in spurts.  Overall, I think the return on investment is not worth it, especially since gains are taxed much higher than dividends are/will be in our future.  I’m certainly not going to sell off notes for a loss, but I might be on my way out.  That all being said, I’m looking at around a ~7% gain as of now, so hasn’t been a loss by any means.  My interest collected continues to outpace my charge-offs but losing ground. I’m going to slowly remove this from my passive income stream by funneling this money into more dividend stocks.

Month/Year Total Loans Interest Received Charge-offs Delta
Dec 2016
405 $1019 $210 $809
Jan 2017
419 $1192 $280 $912
Feb 2017
419 $1334 $454 $880

Progress Towards $30,000 Passive Income Goal

Year Dividend Income Progress Towards Goal
$4517 15.1%
2017 (YTD)
$597  2.0%

We had another good month, making several new stock purchases throughout the month.  We are still a long way from our goals, but our dividend income is highly stacked in the March, June, September, December cycle.  I expect over $1,000 in passive income in March, so that will help jump start our progress towards our $10,000 goal this year. The lending club experiment was extremely interesting and while it has produced a reasonable return, I prefer the compounding effect of holding dividend stocks.  We’ll re-focus our money into safe and steady payers in the upcoming months.

Thank you for reading! Looking forward to seeing how everyone does in March.

You can see my full income summary here.

**All prices and results are accurate as of 3/1/2017

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