MonthlyCents – April 2017

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We’ve made it to May…

Another fairly sizable dividend income this month. We wound up bringing in $426, which represented an increase of 46.2% over January’s income.   I consider us ready for any recession that comes along, but for now we’re continuing to put more money in the market in hopes of long-term increased dividend income.  As long as the payments keep coming, I couldn’t care less about the short term price fluctuation.

Here’s what we have for April:

Dividend Income

Ticker Amount Received

Month Total $426

YTD Total $2416

Quarter over Quarter Dividend Income Growth

Month Dividends % Increase  Month Dividends % Increase  Month Dividends % Increase
$237 70.5% 11/2016 $252 -1.5% 12/2016 $1096 13.7%
$291 22.2% 02/2017 $306 21.6% 03/2017 $1393 27.1%
$426 46.2%

Top Performers (Price Growth)

APPL sticking around as my most profitable holding, CMI and TRN have both given me over 40% price growth (which, of course, is all “theoretical profit” since I haven’t cashed out any of these positions)

Ticker Shares Cost Per Share Current Share Price Gain
54 $100.35 $143.68 43.2%
36 $107.00 $152.07 42.1%
128 $19.68 $27.57 40.1%

Foundation Stock Update

Another month, another [less!] shitty month for Target! Showing some signs of life, but still slow going.  Its going to be very long waiting game….

Ticker Purchase Price Current Price Price Growth Dividends Collected
$102.71 $123.51 20.3% $304.80
$59.28 $74.80  26.2% $176.29
$84.83 $93.13  9.7% $163.01
$72.61 $55.98  -23.0% $371.32
$140.49 $195.00  38.8% $160.25

Dividends for Charity Update

Learn more about Dividends for Charity hereIn year 1, I am re-investing my dividends in order to kick-start the fund.  By Year 2, it should easily be able to support my $25 monthly donation to Children International and on its way to supporting 2 monthly donations (and more!)

Dividends continue to pace with my donations, and getting some extra nice price growth, which can currently support another 15 months of donations already.

Month/Year Donations Made Portfolio Dividends Portfolio Price Growth
Dec 2016
$125 $133 $537
Jan 2017
$150 $150 $441
Feb 2017
$175 $185 $773
Mar 2017
$200 $228 $318
Apr 2017
$225 $259 $377

Watch List for Next Month

I’ve added a significant amount of VXUS (international ETF) and REITs in the last month. I’m happy with about a 10% exposure to international stocks for now, and will focus on finishing out my 10% REIT exposure, and then go back to large companies with a history of increasing dividends.  There is a chance I will look into creating a bond position (in BND), but that would be a really small percentage of my portfolio as I’m not ready to go conservative just yet. You’ll notice this list doesn’t change very much from month to month. My philosophy remains that with the market this high, I’m more confident in large companies with increasing dividends, as they can better withstand any upcoming drop in the market.

Beaten Down: F, TGT

High Yield (REITs currently): AGNC, O, LTC, VNQ, OHI

Slow, Steady, and Safe: EMR, AWR, KO, JNJ, GPC, T, ABBV

Lending Club Progress

Since I re-invest all my proceeds it’s hard to keep track of a return rate here.  I’m looking to simply have my interest received outpace my charge-off amount, so that’s what we’ll track here.

Still winding down this project…just not enough returns.  That gap between interest collected and charge offs seems to be too flat for this to be a good long term investment. Compounding interest is NOT at work here like it would be with a dividend stock.  That all being said, I AM up almost $1000 now on my account, so nothing to scoff at.

Month/Year Total Loans Interest Received Charge-offs Delta
Dec 2016
405 $1019 $210 $809
Jan 2017
419 $1192 $280 $912
Feb 2017
419 $1334 $454 $880
Mar 2017
419 $1501 $547 $954
Apr 2017
432 $1592 $614 $978

Progress Towards $30,000 Passive Income Goal

Year Dividend Income Progress Towards Goal
$4517 15.1%
2017 (YTD)
$2416 8.0%

Investing a lot of money this month, which will begin to show up in the next few months in the form of larger and larger income.  Very happy with this 46% quarter over quarter growth, as April has been a historically low dividend month for my portfolio.  Hoping to maintain a 10% growth rate quarter over quarter going forward.

Happy investing!

You can see my full income summary here.

**All prices and results are accurate as of 4/27/2017

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good job. you have those dividends coming in keep it up