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First off, thank you for stopping by and joining me!  My name is Austin and I'll be your main writer for MonthlyCents.  I'm extremely happy to finally be putting this website together. First, I’ll share a little about me, and if you don’t fucking care about me, jump to paragraph 3 and rock on!  I am 27 years old, living in the Washington DC area.  I graduated from Virginia Tech with a statistics degree (Go hokies, boo everyone else, yada yada). Needless to say, I've always been a numbers guy and that inevitably drove me to my interest in personal finance.….well...before that it drove me to worse things like sports gambling and poker, but then I quickly realized I wasn’t that smart and didn’t want to waste all my money.  Anyway, personal finance is WAY better of a hobby!  Pictured above is my fiancee, Lauren, who will run the cooking section of this blog.  In addition to being way better looking than me, she’s also a very good cook and enjoys making great meals at home!  The other picture above is of our final family member, Dezzy, who provides constant confirmation that the only way to live life is happily.  I can honestly say that every time I come home from work she looks like she’s having the best day of her life, and I have no reason to doubt it.  If humans behaved that way, we’d all be a lot better off.

I'll be the first to admit I wouldn't consider my life very tough.  We can’t all have those cool and crazy rags-to-riches stories, after all.  I am fortunate to have a job that I enjoy and pays  well.  I've never gotten myself into financial trouble by overspending, and have been saving 50% of my income for 5 years now, more recently about 60%.  I'm not extraordinary by any means (my mom might tell you differently!), but that's the idea of taking control of your finances.  Take an awful, bad, or even a normal situation and make it great by keeping your money and using it to your benefit.  By using simple organization methods and living frugally, I hope to someday achieve financial independence within the next ten years and retire around age 35.  

This website will serve as a platform for me to give advice and to learn from all of you.  I hope to start a forum for us to share ideas, compare budgeting methodology, and most of all, motivate each other to live out our financial dreams.  I anticipate these “financial dreams” to range from people who want to sit on their ass all day to those who dream of traveling the world (and everything in between!)  Although we are all controlled by money (or lack thereof) at some point in our lives, it’s important to break away from that lifestyle and give yourself a chance to breath.  Everyone does this differently, and I'll be sharing what works for me, and I hope to have readers share what helps them.

Personal finance can get pretty dry and boring really fast.  I don’t want you to stumble upon a post and wonder when the fuck you got signed up for a boring finance course.  It’s important to keep all of this light hearted, or it just becomes a boring task to manage your money.  The point is, this money shit is very important for your future, and the quicker you start KEEPING more of your money on a monthly basis, the better off you will be.  Besides, It's not like I'm asking you to join fucking scientology or anything.  You won’t find me up on my high horse at any point. I’m just another guy trying to figure it out.  At a certain point, laughing at our financial mistakes (we all make a LOT of them) and moving on will help ourselves and it will help other readers to avoid making them in the future.  It’s for these reasons we can laugh at ourselves, enjoy life more, take accountability for our finances, and build a better future where money-related stress isn’t slowly killing us! Also, I'll be willing to bet you'll get a lot more interested in your finances when you start to see your bank account balance grow. 

Website related: I hate when a website requires you to sign up, pay, or as soon as you click on a page you get a subscription form in your face.  I won’t throw any annoying pop-ups in your face and won't make you pay to read.  If you enjoy the content, I'd love if you could share any posts you like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or all of the above!  Or don't, totally up to you. By gaining an audience, we'll be able to have great discussions/arguments/debates about what works for each one of us.  There are a ton of good financial websites out there, so I appreciate you reading this one! I genuinely enjoy talking about this stuff all the time, so please feel free to drop me an email with any questions or comments and I will answer each one.

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