MonthlyCents – April 2017

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We’ve made it to May… Another fairly sizable dividend income this month. We wound up bringing in $426, which represented an increase of 46.2% over January’s income.   I consider us ready for any recession that comes along, but for now … Read More

MonthlyCents – March 2017

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  Hello there! Happy April! Another (expected) dividend record for us this month, as March is typically a heavy paying month. This month we cashed in $1393.  This bested our previous high by 27.1% and hopefully we’ll be able to continue … Read More

MonthlyCents – February 2017

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  Hi Everyone, February is typically a slow month for us, but we still made a lot of progress towards our goals.  We continue to have great Quarter over Quarter income growth, now that we have no non-mortgage debt to … Read More

MonthlyCents – January 2017

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  Hi Everyone, Getting 2017 started on the right foot, we had another month of solid financial progress.  While we still sit a long way from our eventual goal, it’s nice to see consistent growth across our passive income streams. … Read More

The Game of Dividend Growth Investing

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  I never really quite get when people question the power of limiting spending and controlling a budget. I still to this day have friends that think it’s crazy to give up certain luxuries to save $30. It’s a somewhat fair … Read More

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