What is your Motivation?

November 15, 2015

Motivation is the key.  Chances are you’d tell me to screw off if I told you we were saving all this money just so we can stare at account balances all day....[more]  

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Your Life is Probably Embarrassingly Good

November 15, 2015

Living frugally and saving aggressively toward our financial independence requires motivation and discipline, and we’ll go over strategies at length for building your savings one month at a time.  The other piece to the puzzle that’ll I’ll discuss here is that living frugally requires perspective....[more]

What an Invested Dollar is Worth 

November 25, 2015

You’ll hear me talk a lot about the returns of an investment in a steady, reliable dividend stock.  I will generally use two baseline numbers.  The first is an overall stock market rate...[more]


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What Will You Do? - COMING SOON

November 15, 2015

Often times, I’m convinced people try to save money but it’s just too hard when they find themselves searching for motivation....[more]

Frustrations of the Beginning Investor

January 24, 2016

The world of financial blogging is extremely interesting to me.  I find that it's a community of well informed people who generally have a fantastic outlook on money and life itself.  Everyone is usually overwhelmingly positive and it causes somewhat of an infectious attitude towards money....[more]